Third and Fourth Day


5-6 Apr. 2022


Day 3 started with 3 speakers that told us how there experiences was moving from Belgium to the USA. They also told some more information about themself and work field experiences. In the afternoon we visited the barkley university. On day 4 we visited Odoo and after to Oracle.

Alumni event

Day 3 started with a walk to the alumni event. Here we got invited by Storied in downtown San Francisco. The CEO of Storied (Lee Ali Shirani) told us all about storied and how he started his company. After this two Belgium alumni (Christian Vuerings and Thomas Degry) told us about their expirations and how they got to where they are now. Christian told us all about how to create and maintain a design. Thomas told us how he created his career, how he applied for big companies and how he created his animations. Most of the Stripe animations are made by Thomas so this was very interesting.

Odoo and Oracle

Day 4 started with a bus ride to Odoo. Odoo is a Belgian company that offers open ERP software. Fabrice Henrion gave us an engaging explanation of Odoo and an interesting demo of the Odoo platform. After all this interesting information we got a free meal from Odoo and then we headed towards Oracle. The Oracle visit started with a welcome by Scott Lang, who also explained about Oracle Academy. Then, Ashish Mohindroo provided an informative session about low code and Oracle APEX which is their low code solution, followed by Samar Lotia who gave an interesting explanation of Oracle Analytics Cloud.


Both days were very interesting. Learned a lot about the big companies and how different it is how people work there then here in Belgium. I will for sure check out low code and how this can help me in the future, take a deeper dive into CSS animations and maybe checkout the Oracle Academy.